Dr. Rakesh K Srivastava

Volkin, Rakesh Srivastava Ph.d. Named KU’s Second, Third Eminent Scholars

Volkin, Srivastava named KU's second, third Eminent Scholars

Kansas Bioscience Authority Commits $4.3 Million to Support Professors A prominent pharmaceutical scientist with 20 years of industrial research and development experience joined the KU faculty earlier this month, thanks in part to a five-year, $2.5 million financial commitment from the Kansas Bioscience Authority. David Volkin comes to KU from Centocor R&D, a subsidiary of […]

Research Discovers Potential New Rx Target for Colon Cancer

Research discovers potential new Rx target for colon cancer

SATB2 is a novel “transcription factor” – a protein “switch” that controls which genes are turned on or off inside a cancer cell. Drs. Rakesh Srivastava and Sharmila Shankar identified it in the so-called “cancer stem cells” – cancer cells that behave like stem cells. Cancer stem cells are a small subset of immortal cells in tumors that […]